Here is my new guideline for becoming a billionaire ($) in four short years. This secret has been known to the worlds great men, but they never talk about it in their books. They tell you loads of gibberish just so you can buy their books and make them even richer.

However, after much study, i have unearthed this secret and have decided to share it with you at no cost.


“only those who dare will bare the burden of a heavy purse” ( Chiago Anago, circa 7:26 pm today)

YEAR 1: Get admitted to an IV League institution (preferably Harvard).

YEAR 2: Think up a bright idea. (it could be anything, but for now the world doesn’t fully understand the computer so this secret  works better if your idea is computer related… fair warning though: the computer dark ages is almost up, so you better hurry).

YEAR 3: Drop out of school! (this step is fairly easy. most IV league schools now have a drop out agency where people    with ideas apply to drop out. all you do is pick up a drop out form and fill the contract enforcing you to mention the name of the school at every speech you deliver after you’ve made your money).

YEAR 4: Announce!!! (announce your idea cum dropped out status and watch the money start rolling in. it usually takes about a year for the information to spread. but once it gets out there, it becomes viral and people just start sending money your way! it is generally advisable to register a company and get it quoted on the market. this makes it easier for people to give you their money).

You are now free to start buying private islands, business jets and yachts.

This secret may sound like folly to the lily-livered…. heed my word of caution.

If you doubt my theory, ask my good friends Bill and Melinda, or quickly poke your number one facebook friend and here what he has to say.

I have already started taking my own steps. (i am reading for my SATs as i type).

For those of you that dare to take these steps, i have more detailed guide lines in my new tell-all book:

ZERO to ZILLIONS! which features:

  • how to apply to harvard
  • ideas dat rock
  • reading to fine print on your drop out form etc.

you can order your personal copy of my guide to wealth by Phone: 07033197764 or simply pay a token of $65.99 to my bank account GTB Account name: Chiago’s harvard school fees, 631-1234-1590-1.

and you’ll receive a mail from my bankers.

the ground is too crowded, the top is full of college drop outs!

see you at the top!!!

by Chiago Anago



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DISCLAIMER: this article is meant for humor only and should not be taken seriously.


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