I believe I am about to express myself in Spirit and not necessarily the vanity of the flesh or eyes, therefore, I think this is an important issue to be considered LOL. I personally do not mind if a girl wears weave or not, but in my life time, I have seen some RIDICULOUS hairstyles/weaves and I’m just like, seriously? It may not bother some guys (and don’t let it become a problem if you don’t mind) but bothers some of us.

I do not want to be ignorant or talk out of it but I just normally think that the aim of a weave is to have a hairstyle that looks nice and looks somewhat real, but from what I see sometimes, that is not necessarily the case with some individuals. I have seen weaves that look like a helmet, weaves that look like a dog resides on top of the head, some that the scalp doesn’t show (although I think the Nicki Minaj weave is quite cute, the bob style one, so that’s an exception), weaves that look so shiny that you can almost see your reflection, etc.

Although we shouldn’t dress to impress others; we should do it for ourselves because we can’t please everyone, I do feel that there should be a standard, especially when it comes to hairstyles on ladies. I also do understand that people have different tastes but I can’t help but wonder whether the wrong hair stylist is used, the wrong hair type is used, or individuals do hairstyles that don’t fit them/their head shape.

Personally, hair on a lady is very attractive; therefore bad hair on a lady on a girl is unattractive. Please please please, if you’re not going to wear your natural hair, please wear weave that is styled so good, it can have some people fooled. I do however think that the rate of bad weaves has reduced over the years; especially with the introduction of Brazilian weave (which personally is very good and looks very weave, but I guess there are people who use it wrongly).

Hair adds to the beauty of a woman, so please wear it right or do a nice one

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