Ankara is a material we all know and many of us love. It can be used in a variety of ways. Ankara is so hot right now that even the likes of Beyonce Knowles and Alicia Keys are wearing it. As summer approaches a lot of people are sewing cute summer dresses and lovely maxi dresses.

Ankara can be worn on its own or can be mixed with a Western fabric. The picture above illustrates how an Ankara skirt can be worn with a purple blouse. The problem is that some people do not understand how to mix Ankara and other materials.

This problem is easily resolved if you follow this simple advice. Before you decide to mix Ankara with another material you must keep in mind that Ankara is a busy material and should only be mixed with a plain material. Note how above the blouse the model is wearing is plain purple with no other designs on it. Also remember that you need a good tailor to sew the Ankara for you and you need to make sure you sew a style that would suit your body. Finally, please donโ€™t go overboard and over decorate the Ankara material with flowers and other excessive decorations so it wonโ€™t look like you are going for a parade.

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