Author- Angela Hunt
Title- The Justice
Genre- Fiction/ Contemporary/Political/Legal/Thriller
Publisher- Westbow
Street date- January, 2002.
Achievements- Winner of the Silver Medallion in ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Award.

The year 2009 American elections almost saw a ray of something that has never occurred before, a woman ruling the free world. What if a woman was the ruler of the free world? What if? Would she try to beat the men who have gone by at their game. Would she have more fiends than friends? Or would she as a ruler let her emotions rule her? Hillary Clinton almost answered these questions in 2009 but was certainly not given the chance to. A few years before then Angela Hunt answered these rather speculative questions in edge of the sit legal thriller, John Grisham styled, ‘The Justice’.

The novel starts off with the death of the present American president (President Parker) and his vice (Daryn Austin) instantly sworn in. The story basically revolves around Daryn Austin daughter of former Georgia governor, who is driven by her father’s approval amongst many other things to be the most powerful woman in the United States. Daryn later learns as the story unfolds where true power lies.
One strong point of this work of fiction is the realness of the characters. Unlike most books, the characters are not portrayed as entirely good or bad. They are painted as real people. Another one is the rich information delivered in the pages of this novel. It should be noted that the set for the novel is the white house and the Capitol Hill. Hunt shows us well that she’s done her home work by detailing the modus operandi of the American government.

The central theme of the story is found in proverbs 17:1 which tells us that the kings heart in the hands of God and like streams of water he turns it anyway he pleases. If above asking ‘what would it be like to have a female American president’ you are asking ‘How does God work out great good out of great wickedness’ then the next time you visit the bookstore, you should be picking up ‘The Justice’. But never say I didn’t warn you, you might find yourself dreaming about life in the white house for months’.

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