Uche and Amy have been friends for a very long time. They were inseparable during their secondary school days ignoring the disapproving glances shot their way by their classmates. As is the end with most female-male friendships like theirs they started dating (this is beginning to sound like a Nigerian movie right?) and decided to go to the same university.
Uche was from a poor family so his father couldn’t afford his fees however Amy, who was from a wealthy family, offered to help; she paid his 100 level school fees with some of her pocket money and settled his accommodation. They split the rest and used for feeding. By 200 level she couldn’t pay for him anymore so she offered to drop out of school without the knowledge of her parents and used the money for her education to sponsor her ‘man’. The long and short of the story is that she ended up a dropout because her family had financial challenges and she had spent all the money for her education on Uche, who was now a graduate. 

Okay. At this point, I should tell you that it’s a Nigerian movie. The movie was entertaining but the definition of ‘man’ by the character Uche was a bit of a shocker. He claimed to love her but he just folded his arms and watched her throw her education away! She fed housed and everything-elsed him. He didn’t even try to hustle! He just expected everything to be handed to him on a platter of gold.I just wanted to know what you guys think about this.

Would you guys allow your girlfriend to that for you even if she insists? And would you girls make such a sacrifice for your ‘man’ because you love him so much?


  1. hell 2 d no. for wat?!!!!! y wud i drop out bcos of him. i dnt c a ring on ma finga in orda 4 me 2 do all dat. der is no garantee dat he will rememba me wen evrythin is done. and 4 even entertaining d suggestion if i ever am stupid enuf 2 make 1 lyk dat jst proves he doesnt care about me at all. it jst means he is selfish. and any girl who does dat 4 her ‘man’ is super dumb.

  2. Hahahaa…this is all so funny indeed! That Nigerian movie mustv been very entertaining and especially funny! Wow, some sacrifice! Anyway, that cnt b me…and not anyone I know! 🙂

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