I have realised that when God says something shouldn’t be done, He doesn’t say it out of being evil or to hinder us from enjoying something, but he says out of care for our own good. There are some that don’t and haven’t realised this and end up in havoc, but thank God for His grace.

I was watching an interview of an artist based in the UK, Boost, who is a Christian. In the interview he was questioned about how he flees from temptation concerning the opposite sex and fornication and stuff, and His answer sunk deep into my Spirit. He said that something along the lines ‘I don’t allow girls to come to my house’, after he had mentioned how easy it was for him to get girls and have sex with them, etc, before he was saved…and went on saying some other stuff which can’t really remember due to the impact this answer had on me.

I admire this guy for one of various things; he doesn’t mess or play around with his salvation. For him to create such a boundary in order for him not to fall is very inspiring, and I feel that is how serious all of us believers should be because at the end of the day, sin is sin, and it is of no good. The bible says ‘flee from sin’ and the word ‘flee’ implies that ‘sin’ is VERY BAD, because the word ‘flee’ is rather powerful.

Anyway this is not the point I’m necessarily trying to make; the main point is that due to his past, he had to make such a drastic boundary in order not to sin. Basically, it is very possible that if he hadn’t engaged in that amount of fornication (no amount is good), his boundary to not sin would not be so drastic. We need to realise the effects and consequences that the things we do now can have on us in the future…and this is so important for us to know.

Now relating this back to the first paragraph of this article; God says we shouldn’t fornicate because when we finally realise the grace of God and what He did on the cross, and also why fornicating is bad, it is likely going to be very hard to stop fornicating if he have dwelt in it so much before (although I’m not saying that little fornicating is ok LOL).

This is an important lesson that I learnt from the interview, and personally I know where he is coming from (I’m not boasting of my sin). Although my life experience in this matter before I was saved wasn’t drastic at all, the fact that I have carried out the act makes things a lot harder for me compared to if I hadn’t dwelt in it, and I definitely do not intend with messing around with my salvation.

So basically, it is not everything that you have to ‘experience’…just trust and obey God in everything He says…He is not being unfair or evil. Now in the case of Boost, he can’t have close female friends like I do for example, due to his past life, but thank God for mercy anyway.

This also applies to any sin really; drug taking, pornography, etc, but God can turn things around though. Blessings!



  1. Alas, it’s true. In order to prevent ourselves from sinning, even with God on our side, we have to do our own part to set ourselves up to be obedient, so that we don’t have to depend on willpower alone at a time where the temptation to sin might be very great.

    Thanks for sharing!

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