Artist – Trip Lee
Album – The Good Life
Album Length – 15 Tracks
Label – Reach Records
Street Date – April 12 2012
IPod Pick – Robot



Track List

  1. New Dreams ft. J.R. & Sho Baraka
  2. Robot
  3. I’m Good ft. Lecrae
  4. War
  5. Fallin’ ft. J. Paul
  6. iLove
  7. Know Me (Word)
  8. One Sixteen ft. KB & Andy Mineo
  9. Heart Problem
  10. Take Me There ft. Jimmy Needham
  11. Beautiful Life ft. V.Rose
  12. Fantasy ft. Suzy Rock
  13. Love On Display ft. Andy Mineo
  14. For My Good ft. Jai
  15. Good Thing ft. Leah Smith

Mr. Barefield III a.k.a Trip Lee of the 116 clique has gotten much better with time. His fourth studio album, The Good Life draws its curtain open with “New Dreams” and features J.R and Sho Baraka of High Society. He admits he had selfish dreams before Christ gave him new dreams and he lives the good life now. Sho did not disappoint at all, mirroring Trip’s view and J.R’s rocked the chorus and vocals. While you are still on a high, “Robot” comes up and keeps takes you higher. “Robot” is the first single off the album. It draws an analogy of how we are robots at birth going where we were told to and generally walking in sin until God liberates us. The third track (2nd single from the album) then just comes along and pierces your soul making you adamant that you may be persecuted and bullied, but you are good. “Cup is full of living water bro, I sip and I thank Him yessir” is a line I like from the track. The song identifies with the fact that pressure and trials make us into that which God wants us to be. There was a reference to Tim Tebow too  (just thought to throw that out there). The production on the next song “War” is very impressive. The track reflects the war between Life and Death and uses metaphors like “Beast” to qualify. It is a song with a deep meaning. “Fallen” is the third single off the album featuring J. Paul’s vocals on the chorus. It emanates a mellow sound and is about even after we are saved, we are caught up in the same sin but God picks us up over and over again.

Then “iLove”, a track I love starts with Trip saying “my girlfriend’s name starts with an ‘I’”. You may get confused when you start listening to the song but do not fret. It personalizes the iPhone and represents every other cell phone. It’s a socially conscious song that talks about how people have become so engaged in their phones that it takes all their time until they don’t have any left for relationships with God or with man. Another song that impresses the mind out of me is “One Sixteen” featuring K.B. and Andy Mineo. They are relatively new faces and names in the 116 clique family and they go hard! They have both released free mixtapes on the Reach label and the mixtapes blazed.  I love this song so much. I was surprised to see that Lecrae, Tedashii and Pro, but not disappointed because K.B. and Andy spit fire as always. “Heart Problems” opens with Trip saying “Money, Sex and Power are good. What?” This may spark your controversial nerves but calm your horses because He is just saying these gifts and the Giver are good but the problem is the heart of man that distorts and corrupt them.

After “Heart Problems”, the tempo slows down a bit. “Take Me There” features Jimmy Needham’s soulful voice expressing the longing to meet God. The song is beautiful and mellow and you just get lost in Jimmy’s vocal fluidity. “Beautiful Life” features the amazing V. Rose of the Clear Sight family; it’s a song against abortion, stating that “God knew what He was doing when He gave you beautiful life”. I like that the song is not judgmental and gives hope for forgiveness to those who have engaged in the act of abortion. My girl, Suzy Rock’s voice blesses the next track “Fantasy” and the tempo of the album drops another notch. We live a life of fantasy and chase things that do not exist chase fool’s gold. The song introduces us to the real world the world with Christ in it. The last song on the album was dedicated to Mrs. Trip Lee titled “Good Thing”, which is an apt title for he who finds a wife finds a good thing.

The only hiccup on the album for me was “For My Good” featuring Jai but it grows on you after repeat listens.

This is unarguably Trip’s best album yet. An edifying album, it offers rich spiritual satisfaction grounded in a mighty God. Trip switches and mixes different styles on this one making it enjoyable to a diverse audience. He has come a long way and has matured into a gorilla spitting monkey bars.

Written by: Ada Chukwudozie

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