Artist – Ambassador
Album – Stop The Funeral
Label – XIST music/220 entertainment
Lenght – 14 tracks, : 61 minutes, 44 seconds
Street Date – July 12, 2011
iPod Pick – Up and Down (Feat. Charmaine)

‘Gimme Dat’ from Ambassador’s last album (The chop chop : from milk to meat) was a big hit even on mainstream radio, it carved him a niche in the rap industry and now he is back with ‘Stop The Funeral’.

This is like nothing you’ve heard honestly. It’s standard. I have personally savored this album for many months before giving this review, it’s that good.

All the songs are party ready and awesome to listen to but there are some highlights that are sure not to be looked over. ‘Favor’ with hip-hop artist Canton Jones is perfect! A song about giving the glory to God in all circumstances. Before the track you would be doing a dance while counting your many blessing no matter where you are.

Up and Down featuring pop artist Charmaine (known for the song ‘Revolutionary Thought’) is a song that follows in the same theme with ‘Favor’ but centred more on Paul’s saying about learning to ‘abase’ and ‘abound’ (Philippians 4:12). A track that would put you straight in a very reflective mode amidst it’s very catchy beat is ‘Your Love For Me’ on which the amazing Michelle Bonilla and Eminem-esque rapper KJ-52 appears on. It’s a deep and hip song, soon to become a favourite after first listen.

There so many things I love about Ambassador’s latest project. I love the bounce back, I love the disclaimer emphasized by it’s fineness that third projects don’t have to be ‘drabby’ compared to debuts and sophomore, I love the choice of guest artists, I love the lyrical depth. . . Seriously, the list could be endless. You could see for yourself by getting ‘stop the funeral’. The party begins and yes the funeral stops indeed.


Review by Ayo Stephens. He is a regular contributor to the music section of Yada Magazine. He blogs at Verbs and Vibes and The Voice. You can follow him on Twitter @ayostephens

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