Artist – The Washington Project

Album – Space Time Continuum

Album Length – 11 Tracks: 45 Minutes

Label – Save The City Records

Street Date – May 21 2012

IPod Pick – She Can’t Love You (3AM Blacklight Mix)




After 3 years, The Washington Projects are back with a new album. Well, the album is not really brand new as it is a remix of some of the songs from their previous albums (Commanders of the Resistance and Light Up The Dark). The album was produced by Flatline Remix (Lecrae, Trip Lee, Newsboys) and was released under their new record label, Save The City Records.

The album starts with Work (Intergalactic Public Transit Mix). The song encourages the listener to work in other to achieve their dreams. The remix is a blend of pop and funk and is even better than the original song. Time (Spiral Galaxy Mix) is the next track and is one of the standout remixes on the album. If the song, is released to mainstream radio I am confident it would be a standout hit.

While I have always loved the message that Diamond preaches I will not say I am a fan of the remix as the beauty of the song is lost in the very complicated remix. The next track Move almost takes the same pattern but before the track is over, you actually find yourself feeling the song. The next track Crazy (Space Junk Mix) is one of the remixes that was done well and can be a standout hit on its own.

The second half of the album is a bit slow but the remixes in this area are okay. Justus, My Dream and Zephyr Wings sound different from the original and while you may not warm up to these tracks at first, they have the capacity to grow on you.

My favourite tracks on the album are She Can’t Love You and Yesterday. Sounding much better than the original songs, these tracks are the highlight of this album. The melody and the way the songs are in harmony with the beats making it an instant hit.

In the end, if you thought you had seen the best The Washington Projects have to offer then you thought wrong. This is surprisingly the best album they have released to date. This album can stand on its own as a major release and climb up not only the Christian charts but also the mainstream charts. If you have not gotten your copy, get it now. You will not regret it.

Review by Harry Itie



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