Artist- Pearl

Album – Reflections

iPod Pick – Love of Jesus

Album Length – 5 Tracks, 19 minutes  41 Seconds


I love coming across music I cannot easily compare or describe, so when I got Pearl’s new EP titled reflection I was thrilled. Meet Pearl, singer, songwriter and poet born in Columbia SC. and now out with the EP ‘Reflections.

‘More than’ starts off with sweet guitar riffs you would find in music made by live bands if you know what I mean. Though lyrically sparse, the words sung are not clichéd and highlight that there is a real person behind the music. On ‘Reflection’, you would get the feel of this lady’s voice as she sings this prayer, though at each point you would expect Pearl to take you to a greater feel of her voice but we get nothing more throughout the song. On ‘Love of Jesus’ (my favorite) Pearl sings Romans 8:35 with so much boldness and passion. You would hear the raw emotion in her voice as she makes this song with so much presence. It would do for a great stage performance (think Adele sitting on a stool).

 I love it when we bring what we have to the table and I think the world appreciate it too cause it’s called originality. Though some on first listen might term Pearl a girl who got mistakenly locked in a room with a guitar and came out with a batch of songs written while not having nothing to do in the room, I will beg to differ. I hear the uniqueness and depth on the wings of Pearl’s voice. She is one artist you should watch out for and this EP might not sparkle to you in its raw and original sound from a distance but it is something that would sure grow on you. We could use some ‘reflection’ from Pearl to see what God is seeing in us. Honestly, you do not want to miss waking up to ‘Love of Jesus’. J

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