Coming 10 years after the release of her last gospel album “Do You Know” and six years after the release of her third album “Unexpected”, Michelle Williams is back with her latest project; a gospel album “Journey to Freedom.” The album is a collaboration with Harmony Samuels and I have to say; this is Michelle’s best album till date exploring themes of hope, faith and finding freedom in Jesus Christ using a blend of genres from R&B to Hip Hop, Soul and EDM.

The album opens with “Need Your Help.” On this R&B track, Michelle opens up to God and asks him to lead her and take control of her life. Eric Dawkins  of Dawkins and Dawkins lent his vocals to the track. This is the second time he is collaborating with Michelle as he also worked with her on Love Thang from the Do You Know album. The song is a soul lifter and is a good place to start the journey. Songs like “Fire,” “Just Like You” and “If We Had Your Eyes” with Fantasia also share similar themes to “Need Your Help.”

The song that stands out on this album is “Everything.” The song radiates the truth that is peculiar to every Christian; how we go from broken to be messengers of the Gospel because of God’s grace and mercy towards us. On this track Michelle shares her testimony and encourages the listeners to submit to the will of God. “When they ask me I’ll tell them/ I found a love like no other/ It took a long time to see that he’s everything I want/ Everything I need/ I’ll tell them there’s no need to look further/ He’s been right there waiting to be everything you want/ Everything you need”

Other songs worthy of note are “Fall” with Tye Tribett and Lecrae, “In The Morning” and “Believe in Me.” The most popular single of the album “Say Yes” with former bandmates Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, ends the album on a celebratory note. The song that is a remake of the popular Nigerian chorus summarises the entire concept of this album; no matter the worry, no matter the problem, When Jesus says yes to your situation, nobody can say no.

Michelle Williams’ Journey to Freedom is more than just a good album; it is a message of hope to her fans encouraging people to trust in the God that has given her the freedom she enjoys. In a time when the theology in gospel music is watered down, the album manages to preach the gospel of Christ with depth and sincerity without being pushy.

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