Label: Reach Records

Release Date: July 17, 2012



Born in St. Petersburg, FL and raised in Southern Illinois, Reach Records “freshman” Kevin Burgess was first introduced to the public with his mixtape aptly titled “Who Is KB?”  and he’s featured on 116 Cliques’s “Man Up”, Andy Mineo’s “Young”, Trip Lee’s “One Sixteen” amongst others delivering quality lyrics and style on every track he’s spat on. Earlier in the year, he released three banging singles off the Weight and Glory album, “Zone Out”, “Go off” and “Hello”.  KB is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the fastest rappers on the CHH scene

The journey that is the Weight and Glory album opens up with the mellow strokes of piano keys of “Weight Music”. KB delivers hard in his verses but the hook by Jenny Norlin is so smooth and melodic that it makes you feel like you are on this amazing, heavenly sonorous journey. The song has a worship feel to it and showcases the theme of the album which is being overwhelmed by the weight of God’s glory.

“Zone out” (feat the amazing vocals of Chris Lee Cobbins and a Thi’slesque bridge) and “Go Off” (feat Andy Mineo on the hoot and a very fast flowing Tedashii) stir up very strong emotions and are very fast paced. “Zone Out” communicates being untouchable are in the presence of God and being obsessed with Christ that you never want to get out of “The Zone”. “You think being meek is weak, huh? / Try being meek for a week” are the words that draws you into “Go Off”, one of the singles off the album, The song has a very weird but awesome flow: it goes very very fast in the verses and then Andy catches the chorus and then really slows the song down and once he lets go of it, the tempo picks up so fast till he slows it down again. KB dished out wordplays like: “He knows how to overlook a fence (offence) like a peeping Tom”.

Three songs slow down the tempo of the album and literally take goosebumps and hands them to you. The sheer depths of the songs are simply breath taking. “Mr Pretender” talks about how on the outside you can have the image of being this solid Christian, but on the inside, you indulge in a plethora of sin. With wordplays like “Those Christians are liars. River in Egypt, they in the Nile (denial)”, the vocals on hook and the content of the rap, it will speak to all who listen. The second, “Open Letter” is a very deep, honest song. It is in form of like letters from Christians communicating what they honestly struggle with such as same-sex attraction, pornography, insecurity and lust. Swoope slayed his verse, Jai spiced up the hook and Trip Lee (w)rapped up the song with a prayer. It’s definitely one of my favourites. The third, “Heart Song” is a song that’s aptly titled, because it’ll definitely draw on the strings of your heart. “Heart Song” features Jasmine Le’Shea – one of the friends that the song was dedicated to.

“Angels” featuring Flame is an up tempo, banging track with insane snaps, drums and a blazing bass. It communicates the sovereignty of God and that no man can take His place regardless of man’s achievements. It reminds me of Flame’s Man from his The 6th album. As expected, the duo slayed this one.

Some songs had rock influences in them like “Don’t Mean Much” (featuring Sho Baraka who blessed the song with his creative genius and After Edmund on the hook) and “Zone out – Amped Remix” (the bonus and last track on the album). The electric guitars, drums, snares on these tracks were on point. They are upbeat, hardcore and head-bumping tracks. A delicious taste of rock-meets-rap

I absolutely love the message of “Tear It Down”, the production, the sound, the flow…and did I mention the message? It opens with “air tight, air tight, that argument is air tight”. “That argument” is obviously the Gospel of Christ; an air tight message, no flaws, no loopholes, no cracks. The word of God is the solid, unadulterated truth and K.B, like the apostle Paul did in 2Cor.10:5, encourages us to demolish any thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of Christ. A Lecrae show up on “Church Clap” with KB explodes the joint. With a Baptist choir type of feel, you can’t help but stamp your feet, hop from foot to foot, clap your hands, wave your hands and throw your head about with wild abandon. The song speaks of churches that are focused on entertainment instead of spreading the gospel and saving souls.

Hello, one of the highlights of the album and a feel-good song, features Suzy Rock, a more hip-hop version was released as a single but the beat of this one is features acoustic guitars and light drums. It translates new mercies every day and forgiveness.

With wordplays like “I call a spade a spade homie / You don’t know who you’re dealing with / Jesus ain’t playin’ games / The second coming is still legit / the lamb that was slain will be slayin’ like Saint Nicholas” in “Anomaly” and “My outfit might be plane but I’m fly like the Wright brothers” in “Don’t Mean Much” Weight and Glory is lyrically, sonically and vocally beastly. For a debut album, KB did an amazing job; personally, I couldn’t have asked or longed for better – KB displayed his skill as a dope MC with his wordplays and analogies and the production and sound engineering is top notch. All 14 tracks simply have to be in your playlist. I have the whole album on repeat and there’s not one song that is skip-worthy on this album. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for KB and it is my sincere prayer that God uses him in ways that man cannot fathom and further expand his boundaries. This album is a beautiful fusion of art, creativity and ministry; you would need an oxygen tank after listening to this one. Prepare yourself.


1. Weight Music – Produced by Dirty Rice and Coko Korinne.
2. Zone Out feat. Chris Lee Cobbins – Produced by Black Knight of Black Knight Creationz
3. Anomaly – Produced by Andre Atkinson, Mark Mims, and Maurice Tonia
4. Don’t Mean Much feat. Sho Baraka – Produced by Street Symphony
5. Go Off feat. Andy Mineo and Tedashii – Produced by Alex Medina, Co-produced by Geeda
6. Mr. Pretender – Produced by Dirty Rice
7. Open Letter (Battlefield) feat. SwoopeTrip Lee and Jai – Produced by Dirty Rice and Joseph Prielozny
8. Heart Song feat. Jasmine Le’Shea – Produced by Joseph Prielozny and Cheesebeats aka Tha Kracken for LateBloom Productions
9. Angels feat. Flame – Produced by Black Knight of Black Knight Creationz
10. Tear It Down – Produced by Halo for ATP
11. Church Clap feat. Lecrae – Produced by Cheesebeats aka Tha Kracken
12. Hello feat. Suzy Rock – Produced by Alex Medina
13. Here We Go feat. PK Oneday – Produced by PK for
14. Bonus Track: Zone Out (Amped Remix) – Produced by Joseph Prielozny, Co-Produced by      Black Knight of Black Knight Creationz and Karac


Review by Stephanie Dozie


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