If you liked Faith, you will love Hope. That is how I have decided to start this review.



The album starts with the song “Beautiful Place“. What a perfect song to start an album about Hope. There are times when we get caught up in what is wrong with the world and forget that “the world is a beautiful place and that we can make it”.  The second track is “Waiting” and in infused with traditional gospel sounds. The song reminds me of “It aint Easy” from Je’kob’s first free album. In the song he stresses the importance of waiting on God.  A message that we Christians need to hear very often.
“Don’t let Go” follows with an upbeat sound very similar to something that David Guetta will produce plus the track has the capacity of crossing over to mainstream radio. (Je’kob please work on cool music video for this song).  “Make me Over” sees Je’kob collaborating with Conscience & Nena Lockhart. This song is one of my favorites on the album because I can see how heartfelt the song is and Nena’s vocals… Remember her? She was on The Rescue on Je’kob’s free album. She is amazing and did the song justice.

Dreams speaks about believing in yourself and God while Lost X Found sees Je’kob speaking about how without God we lost and he is the only one that can save us our soul.

Hope for Us All with The December Keys is the final track on this EP and the message is the same with every track on the album and that in the end we got God and no matter how the world is and what life throws at us, there is hope for us all.

This album is truly amazing. Way better than Faith. This album is truly encouraging and I encourage you to get it. You won’t be disappointed.


Jer 29:11

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