Artist- Adie

Album- Just You and Me

Label- BEC Recordings

Street date- March 9, 2010

Album length- 10 Tracks: 43 minutes, 3 seconds

Genre- Pop/ Praise and Worship

IPod pick- Oh You Bring

Adie is Mrs. Camp. Yes, wife of popular CCM artiste Jeremy Camp. She’s African, specifically South African (I think I like that…). She’s also former front lead singer of popular Christian rock band ‘The Benjamin Gate’. Note, this isn’t twenty- eight years old Adie’s first Solo effort. This is her second release. After a tragic miscarriage, Adie brings to the table 10 songs of deep reflection on whom our God is. The result is what some could turn off easily without a steady and careful listen.

The strength of this album is in its consistency. Yes, it’s consistent musical style. The soft worship tunes seems to blend into one another. The song pace aren’t that much different and it works well for this album. The lyrics reflect a sense of deep communion (‘Beautiful Lord’, ‘Oh You Bring’, and ‘Only You’). Amazing guitar riffs on ‘Beautiful Lord’ would make you wonder out loud who played the guitar on that track. Adie’s cover of ‘Soon’ is breathtaking. ‘Love come down’ sounds very ‘anthemic’. It would make a beautiful church worship song. Adie also covers ‘Oh You Bring’ (formerly covered on the Hillsong United’s ‘Tear Down the Walls’ project) and ‘All I Need Is You’ (formerly also covered by Hillsong United on their ‘Look To You’ Project)

Though Adie’s sophomore’s project deviates a bit from her pop driven debut (‘Don’t wait’). It’s still bold and strong and worth the listen. Fans of artiste like Darlene Zschech (especially her ‘Change Your World’ project), Sheila Walsh and Mariam Webster would love to have this album. ‘Just You and Me’ would be a worship experience, just you and the Lord and that’s Fo’sho.

Review by The King’s Son

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