Because life happens sometimes….
So it took this domestic accident I had some time ago for me to know really that ALL things ultimately work together for good. This incident has made me see how one can always find a reason to be thankful, in every situation to give thanks to God.
Yeah boiling water spilled all over me but I’m thankful I was able to remedy it in good enough time.
Yeah it hurt like you wouldn’t believe but I’m thankful that it didn’t get me admitted or bedridden (it happened to my colleague a short while back).
Yeah, it scarred but I’m thankful that my whole right leg wasn’t all swollen and filled with blisters.
Yeah, the area still hurts days after but I’m thankful that I’m not numb but able to feel, even pain. Numbness could mean or lead to a thousand and one not too pleasant things, you know.
What I’m saying is, it could have been worse but it isn’t.
Thing is I’m not being insensitive when I say it doesn’t matter how bad the story is, if you look you will find a reason to be thankful. If you don’t recognize the Hand of God in all things and at all times, if you don’t see the supernatural influence on the seemingly insignificant stuff as well as the overwhelming ones…sad to say you have lost out on living to fullness.

He cares about us so much he’s numbered the hairs on our head -think about it, it means that when i brush my hair and i see some strands on the brush, He knows that the strands on the brush are numbers 812, 87743, 2356, 4653, 10 and so on, get it? – So what do you think is too small to matter to Him or too big for him to bother about?


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