Ted Dekker OutlawOutlaw, the novel about my own journey out of darkness, releases one week from today and the 18-city bus tour begins. These aren’t just signings, but events about how we all get lost and stumble around in darkness, forgetting who we really are, and invariable pretending to be who we think others want us to be.

If you, like me, struggle to live up to the expectations of others, yourself, or even God; if you have any anxiety about how successful you are or will be in any situation or relationship, please join me in the closest city. I’ve never shared my own journey—not like this.

And honestly, I’m humbled and a bit nervous. I mean, what if I look like a fool? But then that’s the point, isn’t it? We live so much of our lives in fear of failure. The fear of being ordinary or not good enough. The fear of not being cool enough. All of us.

If you haven’t yet, visit TheOutlawTour.com to check it out. I’d love to see you there. Yikes!



“This story will grip you by the throat and drag you through…  When you are finally able to pull back the veil and see the big picture, it will stun you with its ferocity and literally drown you in the enormous and unending reality of God’s love.”

Fiction Addict — Lori Twichell

“Outlaw is the book I’ve been waiting on Dekker to write.  It’s not that his previous books over the past couple years haven’t been good (they have), but that I wanted to see Ted write something that he hadn’t written before, with a unique setting and a compelling storyline and a powerful message. He’s crossed a new threshold with this novel. Readers will be talking about this one and discussing it
weeks after they close the final page.”

Life is Story — Josh Olds
“A fascinating story that grabs you on page one and only reluctantly lets you go when you’ve turned the last page…This novel provides a whole new
perspective on what freedom in Christ might look like.”
-CBA Retailing




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