What would the story of the most significant event in human history sound like from the point of view of its most lowly character? “Ori’s Amazing Purpose”, a new book by Mike and Carol Wyrick, transports children to ancient Bible days to answer that question while fostering an active imagination, a sense of fun, and genuine trust in God’s plan at the same time.

From his birth, Ori the little donkey explored his world in baby steps, finding new sights, smells, and sounds in the big world around him. But his most delightful discovery was his special friendship with Moshe, the youngest child of his master. Many hours of togetherness with his friend gave Ori the opportunity to hear Moshe’s father speak of the Creator and His plan for every living thing. Could this plan possibly include him, or was he destined to the dismal future of most farm animals? Ori came to believe that the Creator had a unique plan for him, and God rewarded him for that belief with an exceptional role on Palm Sunday.

When presented with positive role models and godly instruction, children’s imaginations take flight, unbound by physical and mental limitations or social standing. In “Ori’s Amazing Purpose”, Mike and Carol Wyrick provide a framework for childhood imagination that teaches biblical principles, sparks a lifetime love of Bible study, and tells a charming tale. Appropriate for children in grades three through five, Ori’s story is followed by discussion questions easily used in Sunday school or Bible study.

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