Her eyes were bloodshot when she arrived sobbing at my door. She had called me earlier and told me there was a problem but I had no idea it was this serious. I let her in and noticed that she hadn’t brushed her hair, she looked disheveled and she didn’t even seem to care. I was in awe; I mean this girl cared so much about physical appearances that she would never be seen in public without her make – up in place and her clothes looking perfect. I thought to myself that whatever was wrong with her had to be serious.

She sat on my bed and I handed her a tissue. She started to pour her heart out to me, she had been seeing this guy because she liked him, he claimed to like her but never made her his girlfriend or anything because after 3 years of dating he was still unsure he wanted to be in a relationship with her. She thought that maybe if she finally had sex with him, he would realise that its her he wants to be with. My girl is a Christian and she knows that fornication is wrong, I guess that’s why she didn’t tell me before she did it.

She came crying to me because things didn’t go as planned

My friend: Mo I did it with him but it didn’t work out as I planned she sobbed

She could barely make the sentence. I had a feeling I should pray for her the night before but I shrugged it off as I was busy. Honestly I felt bad, I knew what had happened, the guy had taken everything from her and still didn’t want to date her. She loved him and she felt the best way to get him was to sleep with him.

I hugged her and told her not to cry. I realize that when people are in their most vulnerable state is not the time to lecture or say I told you so… I told her the truth that though she shouldn’t have done it God still loves her. She needed to ask for forgiveness and not get involved in such rubbish again. She was really devastated because she genuinely realized that the guy never intended to make it official. He just wanted to get as much as he could from her and leave. I comforted her as she cried on my shoulder eventually we watched a movie and she fell asleep.

As she slept, I thought to myself, people often say the bible was written so long ago it is not relevant for today. I beg to differ, God said we should not fornicate, if she had obeyed all this would have been avoided. Now she’s broken and she would have to pick up the pieces with the help of God. I also reflected on how many people keep making this mistake and because nothing seems to be happening, they don’t bother trying to stop they just go on. They forget that the bible says that it is because the punishment for sins does not come immediately that people continue to sin. Don’t be deceived sweetheart what you sow, you must reap.

The point of this message is not to condemn you, we have all made mistakes and no one is any better than the next person. It’s to say try to change and ask God for help because the harsh truth is, when you start reaping the rewards of disobedience, you won’t be smiling.

By Morenike George-Taylor


Image courtesy AOL Health

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