The Seven Wonders of the World were known to be works of art and architecture regarded by ancient Greek and Roman observers as the most extraordinary structures of antiquity. History has it that there has been no small squabble over having more additions to this list, and from all indications the eighth entry would have to be an object of mystery and a well-guarded secret. This object would be no other than the woman’s handbag.

Try this: Ask a man and a woman to borrow some change and watch the reactions. Once you are able to get him to agree, the man probably will produce his wallet from a very practical pocket located in his jacket or trousers without much ado. Contrarily, you will likely experience a panic attack by the woman as she will delve into her handbag and start a frenzied search for her purse amid the sea of objects. The man’s pocket which simply serves the purpose of storage is therefore no match for the woman’s handbag.

With the increasing size of this artefact, women cram even more into their handbags. It appears there is a trend for heavy burdens in more recent times and this brings us to the billion dollar question:

What really is inside the bag?

Survey says the basics are: a mobile phone, a purse with filled compartments for bank cards, business cards, vouchers and receipts as well as cash and keys.

Sometimes other items found in the departments of this treasured abyss may include a compact umbrella, sunglasses, a camera, feminine hygiene products, painkillers, hand lotion, a bottle of water, a key holder cum bottle opener, sometimes a laptop and even auxiliary footwear! Believe me; this list is in no way exhaustive as I have personally seen a puppy peek out of a lady’s Jimmy Choo handbag and it wasn’t Elle Woods..

With these contents come reasons. The iPods and novels fit into the pastime category, notebooks and a handful of pens for to-do and shopping lists; a make-up bag containing emergency touch-up essentials; perfume; a hairbrush; cookies etc. You ask why the need to carry around so much. Security- knowing their most treasured things are with them at all times. Others believe that they are ready and equipped for any situation or event ranging from unexpected work meetings to spontaneous after-work drink invitations. The content of a woman’s handbag may very well be a reflection of her personality.

Whatever the reason, a woman’s handbag clearly is an essential part of their lives and has evolved into a mobile apartment with straps: a home away from home.

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