Below are SEVEN commandments you must memorize, obey, apply, use, follow…if you want to manage your costs in any Nigerian Market. Anyone who reads this is privy to some valuable tips from the “pricing master”  😉 .


Commandment 1 :  Speak Pidgin English (the most important).


Commandment 2 : Don’t be too flashy or ostentatious in your dressing, the richer you look, the higher you’ll be charged.


Commandment 3 : There is no such thing as last price, if you price harder you’ll get the product for peanuts !


Commandment 4:  If worse comes to worse and you’re not getting your desired price, leave the shop; however, walk slowly, 80% of the sellers will call you back.


Commandment 5:  Don’t be afraid of pricing too low for a product because the seller is equally afraid that you’ll find out his product is overpriced !


Commandment 6: Avoid sentiments, cute children and elderly people can be the most dubious sellers! Don’t let their innocuous looks deceive you.


Commandment 7:  Please, please and please, never negotiate prices in air-conditioned shops…prices in such shops are fixed, don’t embarrass yourself.



Fact:  Did you know that Father Abraham is the first person to use Nigerian-style pricing?


When God planned to destroy the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham “priced” the number of righteous people to be found from 50 to 10 (Gen 18:23-33). I’m sure he was speaking pidgin :P.

If only he had applied Rule 3, he would have reached one righteous person…learn from his mistake !!!


By Aghogho Sam-Umurhurhu

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