GameMan BeatzJockey currently was voted the Next Big Thing in our Readers Choice Awards but how well do you know him? Keep reading to find out.

Olumide Akindele Okesanjo, A.K.A (GameMan BeatzJockey), Rap artist and music producer. Born and raised in Lagos state, attended St Michael’s Model school for primary education, Abesan High School for secondary and Lagos state university (LASU) where he obtained a B.Sc degree in Computer Science.

Gameman started out as a drummer in a local church and then became singer in a group called Peculiar Treasure. Broke out of the music group to pursue his music career not as a drummer, singer, but as a rapper. This was due to heavy exposure to all kinds of music genres which he then used to create for himself a unique style and identity.

Inspired by life, environment, society, and all that’s available through God. A quick listen to his songs gives an idea of his personality and convictions. Very practical; his music is known to take the listener on a journey. It’s a perfect blend of key musical elements. He’s got a unique voice texture, intelligent techniques used for delivery and superb clarity that makes you hear every word. He has been featured on songs with top artists and producer like FLO (God rest ye merry gentlemen), Midnite Crew (E gimme money), Kome (Thank you), just to mention a few. Presently working on his first album titled ‘Beyond Words’, and an EP ‘RiverSide EP’ both due for release this year.

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