It has become a cliché. We say it without even thinking throwing it around until it loses colour and now it is just a shadow of what it means. Between the million and one songs about it and the numerous books on it i would think its some complicated concept that needed so many pages to explain. When I find myself conforming slowly forgetting what it really means I take a cue from Corinthians 13 and remind myself what it really means to love. To really love not the weak superficial definition we hear and see every day, but love in its complete unadulterated form. Love is not self-seeking it does not demand its own way, it is not boastful or jealous its patient and kind always giving and not expecting anything in return. Now that is a different concept from what I thought. Love is always… its constant does not flicker whether it feels like it or not, whether the loved deserves it or not it remains faithful, it remains love. It is not circumstantial or dependent on what it receives it in the fires of trials or the joy of smooth sailings it remains faithful, always… bottom-line love is God. He is the perfect example of what love is and what it entails…. If we do not love like He does then what we do is a poor imitation, just a shadow of what love really is.



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