Life itself is a game, one chooses to either exist or live, succeed or fail, hustle or die trying, all the same, it’s a game of the survival of the fittest. However, from observation, dating is a game, relationship is inevitable but ‘couple’s life’ which exists among corps members is perhaps a puzzle especially when the individuals involved seems to have no bearing.  ‘couple’s life’ could sprout out of cohabitation among corps members—its however, living together and having a sexual relationship without being married, or it could be as a result of situational relationship due to environmental pressures which exist among corps members and this relationship could be born out of boredom and absence of a full time job that keeps the mind and the body busy, fatigued and fulfilled. To this effect, corps members seek or sought for satisfaction in every corner while the pleasure principle which is the ID sets in and takes control of the mind.  Majority get these pleasurable satisfaction from taking alcoholic drinks and involving in sexual relationship, in other words, living a ‘couple’s life’.

This growing trend is not alien to many corps members as it has become rampant; many view it as a way of life. It is rather too preposterous—completely unreasonable, very debasing, immoral, senseless, and unacceptable. Because from observation, corps members get involved into this act while endangering their health as well as their future especially the female folks due to the moral decadence and poverty experienced by corps members in our society. Although some claim, ‘couple’s life’ during NYSC is a test period for compatibility; it’s a very secure way to live a healthy life as one must satisfy one’s sexual feelings.

It is also believed that most females get into ‘couple’s life’ because they lack self-confidence and they get so low as having a sexual relationship forgetting that dignity stares from a distance. But for the males, they believe they are just having fun also forgetting that deadly diseases’ keeps knocking on the door. As earlier stated, life is a game and for every decision taken while playing it, tends towards consequences which could be temporarily positive and permanently negative as is the case of ‘couple’s life’ among corps members.

Some of the dangers attached to living a ‘’couple’s life’  is known as detrimental to the health and destiny of those involved as sex rules or dictate their actions and approach towards life; lots of misunderstanding, frequent quarrelling and fighting which could lead to breakup; irresponsible guys with no future ambitions make most females single parents; abortion becomes a priority; low self-esteem  on the part of the female folks sets in, as they lose respect, integrity and dignity thereby making them more vulnerable to emotional instability.


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