People wonder how can a good God watch ‘innocent’ souls be damned to hell for all eternity. A place where there shall be ceaseless weeping and gnashing of teeth. Interestingly, their point of concern isn’t ‘what must I do to make heaven’ but rather, ‘why should I go to hell?’ So, it’s God who’s now in the ‘docks’ (as Clive Lewis puts it)  standing the trial of our opinions to know if He should be declared guilty of being a bad person feigning goodness or discharged with a verdict of innocence; that in (the) fact (of our opinions) He is good and free to go. We’re no longer the ones who want to follow Him, but He to be set free, as though He could ever be bound [for even the borders of our minds cannot be opened to accommodate His mighty works, talk less of it being able to grasp the (full) Truth of His personality]. Although, that’s not the purpose for this piece.

As a little boy, I was often fascinated by the powers a magnet wielded (as most boys my age were, I presume). That black refined element, constantly attracting metallic particles to it, be it a nail, or a door. I couldn’t wait to see spoilt radios in the house so I can take out the speakers and carve out that precious piece of gold… Oh sorry, I mean, magnet from it (and yes, sometimes I hastened the death sentences of the voice box by breaking it myself. I was a boy, what would you have expected of me?). As with all toys, gadgets and devices, with continual ‘exploration’, discovery is always imminent. I got to find out that my ‘magic’ magnet, that could move a nail on top of a table from beneath it, didn’t have that effect on all metallic objects. It boggled my mind as to why that happened, I mean, magnet seemed synonymous to metal. Then I got to learn that magnets only attract ferrous metals (by a mechanism known as ferromagnetism). Non-ferrous ones such as copper, silver and lead aren’t partners in that bonding-love-relationship. Basically, Ferrous metals are those that contain iron (Fe) in them.

My older brother was talking to a few folks the other day and He mentioned ‘God alone is good’. I didn’t quite understand what He meant. I do know for sure that we humans have fallen short of our capacity to be ferrous (the glory of God). It is Graham Cooke who mentions that ‘the glory of God is that He is good. He is endlessly good.’ Now, when God’s ‘good-magnet’ sweeps over all of the earth, only the ‘ferrous’ or ‘good’ ones would be attracted to Him. Who then are these ‘good’ ones? Who are these set of people that are ‘ferrous’ enough to be attracted by God’s magnet you ask. Well, I must tell you, it certainly has nothing to do with what they did, where they came from, where they are and especially has nothing to do with the colour of their skin. These are the few chosen ones out of the many that were called. The ones who chose to follow the Lamb wherever He leads. They chose to be chosen despite the tempters and tempstresses all around. The re-birthing of the believer is a transformation from ‘non-ferrous’ individual to a ‘good’ person by the impartation of His own Spirit. He’s Spirit in us is that ‘good’ deposit such that when we collect like terms (as we are taught in elementary mathematics), all those who are like Him (have His likeness -Spirit- inside of them) move to His side of the equation of reality and all those who are not… Suffice it to say, their equation involves fervent heat.

Another time, my mystic of an older brother was teaching some folks from His repertoire of ageless wisdom, and He again reminded them how farmers conduct their business. When crops have been planted and weeds are growing in between (from being planted by hirelings), their day of reckoning comes on that day of harvest.

Our point of attraction stems from the re-created right spirit within. Our daily walk is to remain magnetic to God’s Spirit and ultimately become permanent magnets by which we can attract others.

Yours with a quill
Daudu Daniel

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