By Daudu Daniel

I was recently studying on the rainbow ‘phenomenon’ that we see in the skies. I’ll choose to call it that because, it’s a remarkable gift in nature.

It stands up there with the clouds. A truly majestic sight. Whether you’re driving by, taking a walk or simply looking out of the window, you could take in a deep breath, forget about all your worries and exclaim, ‘BEAUTIFUL!’. I could dare say that it gives you a glimpse of the feeling God had after looking at the finished work of creation with such satisfaction that scriptures declared ‘it was good’. The rainbow, often coming out when the pregnant clouds have delivered rainfall to the ground and the dew of heaven has quenched the parched lips of the soil.

A rainbow is just a refraction of light. The sun rays pass through the droplets of water, gets bent on entry, deflects off the back of the droplet and gets refracted as it exits the droplet at an angle of 42 degrees from the light source opposite the observer. Yes, I know, I know, the rainbow doesn’t look so appealing when described this way. The different colours (seven of them) are all contained in the full spectra of light. Simply put, light rays comprise of seven different colours.

As believers who are ambassadors and representatives of God (who is light Himself), we radiate the glory of God in different colours of His light. Our Theologians have taught us what they refer to as the ‘five fold offices of the Holy Ghost’: Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers. If truly these offices were given for the perfecting of the saints, I would like to believe that they stand merely as scribes. For Scribes simply write down what they see. Here’s how I would like to look at it, when Christ speaks to His bride, the church, these five individuals would pick up their respective inks and transcribe it as it relates to their offices. Just as the synoptic accounts of Mathew, Mark and Luke gave us the same story of Jesus in their individual styles.

When the light of Jesus shines through His body, the church, to the world, everyone of us is to refract that light in our individual spectrum; the author, like John was, would pick up his pen and write what he see and hears; the writer would create stories like C.S Lewis; the songwriter and poet, would compose his rhythms of rhymes and lines like David and Asaph; the artist and painter would make portraits like Akiane Kramarik; the movie maker would create screenplays like Tyler Perry; the doctor would cut and stitch like Ben Carson; the noble guide would give sound counsel like Solomon; the mystic would help us understand our dreams and visions like John Paul Jackson; the philosopher would show the people how to think like St Augustine; the parents would groom their kids and the clergy would shepherd the flock like T.D Jakes.

If creation’s earnest expectation is to see the manifestation of the sons of God, then we had better stop hiding our radiance underneath tables. For we who believe would colour the world in the light of our God.

Yours with a quill
Daudu Daniel

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