It was another day-out at work. I went out with my boss for some routine business errands: pick an order, take it to the press, deliver the books, make phone calls and setup meetings. It was great, I was doing the driving and the lifting when it required such, and the opening of doors, and the carrying of bags… Well, you sort-of get the picture. This time around, she had scheduled a mid-day meeting with the owner of a kids park in the central hub of the city. The lady she would be meeting with was also an event/party planner and she was trying to arrange some kind of mutually beneficial partnership.

While sitting outside as my boss was discussing inside, I tried to chat with the security guard outside, and well, I’m not too good with small talk, but I think I may have gotten a pass mark that day. When the silence came back, my eyes were searching for what else to feed my mind and occupy it, then right there, just right there under the sun, I spotted it.

In the fairly well manicured lawn, I spotted a cluster of grasses that gave me some insight about love. Yes, love! No wait, not the erotic kind, just hold on a minute. The general lawn layout was green, with a brown tinge. You could see that it was watered often, but somehow, the elements were taking a toll on the grasses. But, this cluster, somehow, for some reason were very green and clearly unaffected by the harsh sun. There was a trampoline right over it and it was apparent that was its permanent position. The frame of the trampoline was high enough to allow more than generous sunshine, rain and air to reach the grasses beneath, just like the rest in the whole park. The only difference was, the grassed directly beneath it were not receiving a full dose of the sun, it was ‘filtered’ so to speak. It was regulated by the casted shadow thereby generating a ‘green house’ effect for that patch.

In Songs of Solomon 2:4 we learn that God’s banner over us is love. Considering the staggering promises we have in scriptures, in as much as we’re not (necessarily) exempted from the trying conditions and ‘harsh weather’ this life may bring, our comfort is drawn from the Truth that God is always with us, which should always bring us peace. In 1 John 4:8, we learn that God is love. This means that God is our banner. It’s in the light of this reality that we can flourish no matter the circumstance we find ourselves in (and no, this doesn’t always mean money, for that’s just an aspect of life).

Yours with a quill,
Daudu Daniel

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