‘You’re a daft boy!’ His father bursts out in anger when they were already a long way off from home and on their way to the hospital. Peter still hadn’t comprehended the effect of what he had done let alone understand what the word ‘daft’ meant. The previous day, they were at the hospital for some medical check-ups on Peter especially because his eyes had turned red all of a sudden since the last two months in boarding school. After the consultation and taking of blood and urinal samples, the doctor booked them for an appointment to come back the next day. The appointment slip that would have referred them back to the doctor and be used to collect the test results was what Peter left at home.

‘Don’t worry yourself about it sir, when we get to the hospital, we’ll just explain to them what happened. They should still be able to remember us from yesterday.’ His uncle interjected.
His uncle was in the car with them in the passenger seat in front. Not to leave out the fact that his younger sister was there peering into his eyes as his father erupted at him, which made him feel more embarrassed.
‘I hope you can still remember the hospital file number’ the man added.
Without blinking, Peter’s father nodded the affirmative in response to his younger brother, the uncle, with his face red with rage. His eyes were still trained on the young boy who hadn’t uttered another word since he mentioned that he didn’t bring the slip along with him.

‘I don’t know what happened to you’ Peter’s mother always kept telling him, especially when he brought home his report card. ‘You were very brilliant, always carrying first position when you were in primary school. I’m sure it’s those friends you now follow in school.’ She would add. Peter always maintained a disinterested expression on his face, especially when he was challenged by his parents. ‘You can go’ she would say to send him off, anytime she expressed her disgust for his poor academic performance.
Soon, those words started to sink in. Peter accepted that he was daft and lacked the capacity to excel. Sometimes he even wept when he was deep in thought, rehearsing and crystallizing the idea that he was worthless.

After his O’ levels, he graduated with a terrible WAEC result. While studying for his NECO GCE later that year, he met this Friend whom his other friends always advised against. His parents weren’t aware he had a new Friend. Soon, Peter started staying away from home just so he could be in the company of this his new friend who seemed to have endless wisdom.

‘Take this document, it would be a sign and seal of our friendship’ Emmy-jay told Peter one day.
‘I don’t know what it is Emmy-jay’ Peter told his new friend.
‘It is the bond that would make you understand our contract as brothers. For we are no longer just friends, we are blood.’
‘I don’t understand what you mean’
‘Soon you will. Just ensure you keep studying and meditating on this document, for soon, it would vest upon you supernatural strength. Anything you love to do, you’ll find yourself carrying it out effortlessly.’
Peter couldn’t just understand what this mysterious parchment was nor why Emmy placed so much value on it. He kept his suspicion to himself and nodded curtly.

Slowly, Peter started getting distant from his other friends. Having meetings with Emmy, even at midnight sometimes. His parents could no longer understand him. His mother, for some reason always suspected he was in a cult and kept cautioning him.
‘When I evaluate all I’ve done and calculate the sum of my losses in this life, I look at you.’ His father said to him one morning before leaving for work because of his track record of bad performance.

A few years later, Peter sat up on his bed late one night. He was very disturbed in his sleep and he awoke with a burden. He was in desperate need of answers. Plagued by the thought of what his life meant. He looked at his hands and his feet and wondered, carefully considering where he’s come from and all that has been happening to him especially since the time he met Emmy. His eyes sprung wide open at an idea. It was more of a revelation really, if you ask me. In sober judgement and deep reflection, he thought to himself:
‘It’s remarkable how much I’ve let Emmy influence my life. Look at where I am now all because of Him.
My friends thought I was forming, but they didn’t know He reformed me.
My parents thought I was a lost cause, but couldn’t realise that Emmy found me.
People wondered what was about me but couldn’t understand that everything has been about Him.
Could it be that the contract document Emmy gave me was the Holy Ghost, the sign and seal of my salvation?
What I couldn’t merit from my earthly father, I now inherit in my heavenly Father.
How is it that I’ve had my needs met, isn’t it because I’m a child of the King?

Wait, what about the strength thing Emmy said I would have? Oh… Oh… Now I see, the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me empowering me to do that which God has designed me to do.
I am not what happened to me.
I am not who my parents said I was.
I am not what my friends said about me.
I am who God says I am. The I am that I am. I am His.
Wanna know about me? Ask Him!
Signed! Sealed! Delivered!’

With this thought in his mind and a smirk on his face, he gave out a loud laugh that nearly woke up his roommate who serves together with him in the NYSC scheme. Comforted with this realisation, he went back to bed. The corners of his mouth were creased with a smile that denoted victory.

‘Yes! The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; I’m a child of the King!’

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While most resort to violence, thinking guns and swords would change the world, this author believes that with his pen and note pad, he can show the world how that’s actually done. Daudu Daniel is an Economics graduate from Bingham University, Karu, Nasarawa State. In a generation that seems to have no clue where they are, whose they are and why they are here, he’s passionate about helping people find God. He just loves God and expresses it in written words, interested in seeing the kingdom of God play out in our daily lives, utterly convinced writing is his call. Currently, he’s serving in Nasarawa State under the Youth Service Scheme of Nigeria.

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