It started out as another good day in Novena University, Delta State. Slowly, crisis was brewing in the atmosphere until it suddenly erupted in a clash of two cult groups. This wasn’t the first time a fight broke out. Just like every other time, people always got out of their way and never interfered. Only this time, it started on his corridor, he would have stayed put or ran to the safety of his room, but it seemed it was quickly approaching where he was standing. He decided to jump off the corridor in an effort to avoid the brawl.

‘Jay-jay! You were caught in the fight too?‘ Screamed his panic stricken room mate after seeing blood stain on the floor up till his bed sheet where Jay-Jay was just awakening from sleep, attempting to understand what was asked of him. He hadn’t even articulated a response when he saw his blood all over the room.

‘What…?! How…?!’

Befuddled at the sight. Suddenly, he felt a very sharp and stinging pain from his feet as though it had been cut off. Gritting his teeth in agony, he realised that his small toe was hanging by a small piece of flesh, having been cut to the bone. He had been totally oblivious of it the whole time. He later realised that when he jumped, he had landed on an empty sardine can which nearly sliced of his toe, worse still, he would have bled to death in his sleep, were it not for his room mate that called his attention to it.

You see, just like Jay-Jay, most of us live our lives totally unconscious of Christ. Like He isn’t there. With utmost disregard to His work on the cross. Not mindful of how He has re-established a direct connection between us and the Father. Thing is, we think we could carry on fine without him because we’ve been sleeping well, but we have to awaken to the reality that without Him, we would bleed out to death. For sin, when it is fully formed births death. Death isn’t mortality on earth, but existence outside of God, both here on earth and in the next phase of eternity. Although, most times we lack the capacity to see our condition for what it really is, until someone brings to light what has happened, just as Jay-Jay’s friend did.

Only in this awakening, can we live everyday of our lives with the consciousness that every deed we do, every thought we mull over and every word we utter should serve to breed the Life of Christ within us and not cause us to bleed out to death.

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While most resort to violence, thinking guns and swords would change the world, this author believes that with his pen and note pad, he can show the world how that’s actually done. Daudu Daniel is an Economics graduate from Bingham University, Karu, Nasarawa State. In a generation that seems to have no clue where they are, whose they are and why they are here, he’s passionate about helping people find God. He just loves God and expresses it in written words, interested in seeing the kingdom of God play out in our daily lives, utterly convinced writing is his call. Currently, he’s serving in Nasarawa State under the Youth Service Scheme of Nigeria.

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