The way we build ourselves is the way God blesses us. Most of the time I imagine & think why people are so poor. It usually scares me to see numerous people that are poor. When I say poor, it doesn’t really mean financially poor, I also mean poor in our academics, relationships, etc. even spiritually.

Many a time people wonder why they are so poor, that they think God is wicked. They think that God does not really love them. After praying so much without seeing any results, they become frustrated and annoyed. You know what, there is something wrong somewhere. Let’s take a look!

Let’s look at the bible, the parable of the talents, “It’s also like a man going off on an extended trip. He called his servants together and delegated responsibilities. To one he gave five thousand dollars, to another two thousand, to a third one thousand, depending on their abilities. Then he left. Right off, the first servant went to work and doubled his master’s investment. The second did
the same. But the man with the single thousand dug a hole and carefully buried his master’s money. “After a long absence, the master of those three servants came back and settled up with them. The one given five thousand dollars showed him how he had doubled his investment. His master commended him: ‘Good work! You did your job well. From now on be my partner.’ “The servant with the two thousand showed how he also had doubled his master’s investment.
His master commended him: ‘Good work! You did your job well. From now on be my partner.’ “The servant given one thousand said, ‘Master, I know you have high standards and hate careless ways that you demand the best and make no allowances for error. I was afraid I might disappoint you, so I found a good hiding place and secured your money. Here it is, safe and sound down to the last cent.’ “The master was furious. ’That’s a terrible way to live! It’s criminal to live cautiously like that! If you knew I was after the best, why did you do less than the least? The least you could have done would have been to invest the sum with the bankers, where at least I would have gotten a little interest. “‘Take the thousand and give it to the one who risked the most. And get rid of this “play-it-safe” who won’t go out on a limb. Matt 25 v 14-28. Looking at the parable said by Jesus to the people, there are lessons to be learnt. Look at the story well; read over again, what do u see? Yes you will see so many things.

Now let us go, when you read the parable in verse 15, the master gave talent according to the servant’s ability. Hmmmm, servant’s ability. Yes! Ability; in order to grow, we need abilities. What is ability? “Ability is the power to be able to do something.” The question now is what is your ability? Or what are your abilities? What can you do? What do you do? What is your passion? You see, God is not a fair God, he is a just God. That is why you see unbelievers that work and they are prosperous. The bible has said it “faith without work is dead.” Look at James 2 v 14 Dear friends, do you think you’ll get anywhere in this if you learn all the right words but never do anything?

Does merely talking about faith indicate that a person really has it? Also in James 2 v 24, you see that a person is justified by what he does and not by faith alone. That brings us to the reason why people even Christians are poor. As I said earlier, when I say poor I do not only mean in monetary terms. Being poor also affects our spiritual life, academic life and especially our mental being. Therefore in order to grow in all areas of life we need to work in all areas of life. You do not need to be perfect; all you need is to start. Do something; Do not be idle. Yes, we have the ability, we can do something, we have started doing something, and then we have faith. What do we really mean by faith? Let’s look at the bible Heb 11 v 1, now, faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

When we say sure, it means you are confident that something is going to happen. For example, you are sure that you will close your eyes while sleeping; you are so confident that is what happens to everybody in the world. How can you be sure of what you hope for, something that has never happened, that is what we call faith! How can you be certain about what you have never seen before, what you do not know about, that’s what we call faith! And you know what?
“without faith it is impossible to please God” Heb 11 v 6. That is why we do not say we have faith in man, but the only person we have faith in is GOD, Why? Because, he is the master, the alpha and omega, the one that knows the end from the beginning.
Having faith is having assurance that God will bless your ability. But remember, God blesses according to your ability, Matt 25 v 15.
The next question now is “what will you do with God’s blessing?” “the blessing of the Lord brings wealth and adds no sorrow to it” Proverbs 10 v 22. Also, “Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth.” Proverbs 10 v 4.I am asking again, what do you do with God’s blessing?

Let us go back to Matt 25 v 16-18. These are what the servants did with their blessings God gave them. Now which one of these servants would you like to emulate. Hmmm, yes, I know you would choose the servant with five talents. Yes that is very good, but you know what, lets read verse 16 again, you see when the servant received the five talents he went out once and put his money to work and gained five more; so also the one with two talents. The underlining and
important words here are “went out once” and “work”.

You see before we can make progress, make more gain in our work, we need to set out immediately; we need to get out at once doing what? To work! It’s a kingdom principle to work diligently. why? Because the bible says that all hard work brings a profit but mere talk leads to poverty. Proverb 14v23. Even Jesus started his father’s business at a very early age. John 2v49. All these all means that you start all you want to do immediately. Even the right decision is the
wrong decision if it is made too late. You need to set out at once to work when God blesses you.

The diligence and hard work you put to your ability increases your blessings God gives just like the servant in Matt 25 v 23 which says “His master replied, “well done, good and faithful servant! You have being faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things.” I will end this article with this quote “Nobody is born a loser or a winner but everybody is born a chooser” Choose either hard work or laziness and God will bless u accordingly.

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