Not in reference to the title of one of Alicia Keys’ albums, but to an act that truly indicates freedom spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even physically; the act of not letting what others think and or do get to you. Making sure our motives are based on what we’re driven to do by the Holy Spirit or by what you know is right, and not to satisfy people’s opinions or assumptions.

What does the act of freedom mean or imply?

As Christians, it means ONLY being subjected to God’s word and what He thinks of you. I can assure you, doing things the way God wants and thinking how He does, will make you willingly do things with a kind heart and with happiness. For example, God says we should do things as if we are doing it for Him; this implies putting in all effort and efficiency into what we do, which will most likely yield good things. By obeying this advice, and applying it to yourself daily, at your workplace for example, you’ll not only please God, but also all of those you work with as you’re creating a more peaceful atmosphere which people do recognise.

Do you get my point now?

In addition to being free, the fact that you are focusing on God alone as a reason why you’re doing certain things, eradicates a significant amount of confusion or baggage that could be lurking in your mind. You may not realise but you’re placing yourself at a point where you aren’t subject to people’s opinions; you are focused. This is because you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing according to the Word and if that’s your calling in life, you’ll be able to know what you’re doing is right irrespective of what others may think our feel, therefore you should have a clear conscience.

Some people may deem a BBM status as a platform that should only consist of Bible scriptures, or something Christian-like, so some individuals only put scriptures up to portray themselves way in a specific way to others to satisfy the opinions of other like-minded people on their contact lists, rather than just being free and putting whatever they want.

A clear conscience or no conviction from the Holy spirit indicates an element of freedom. So now we can go about doing or saying what we want (being of God) without no worries of what others may think of us (although applying wisdom to how things are said or when to say them is advisable. Don’t let others opinions get the best of you. As mentioned before, be subject to God’s word and wise counsel of accountable friends and family. Don’t be distracted and enjoy the freedom derived from knowing God.

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