Have you ever tried to carry a little child that refused to be carried? That moment when the cute, cuddly and adorable little feller out rightly rejects your arms despite all your attempts to be nice, lovable and caring, so awkward right? You try to conjure up your best act of a loving adult you could ever muster, but heck, the child is all fuss and claws now, s/he just doesn’t want you. Perhaps, like me, you’ve even tried to go ninja on the child and force yourself by saying ‘you must love me’ and you still get the shriek… It sucks doesn’t it?
We are taught (from scriptures and even the ever hollering preachers) that it’s God that chooses whom He pleases. But after close examination, at least, in my experience and study, I’ve found that being chosen is a choice. We choose to let ourselves be chosen by Him. How heaven often interacts with the earth is on a partnership basis. There has to be some form of agreement on our part. Rest assured, God always is the aggressor in any relationship. He always initiates the first move and so, we can only love Him because He first loved us. That is not to say that if we ever found ourselves hating him (as we’ve seen among our fellow humans), it was because He first hated us. Not so! Hate isn’t in His nature, that’s an outright inspiration of the enemy, God only loves… God is love!
This may raise the question that what if the ones who reject God’s love are the ones who God didn’t love from the onset. If you follow this train of thought, you would be raising an important concern that is based on a very crucial assumption… an assumption which is in fact, a fact (I know… I know… don’t roll your eyes, it was intentional) and if it remains unguided, it would lead to a wrong destination. By stating that there are those who ‘reject’ or ‘refuse’ – or whatever word you may use – God’s love, you’re already assuming that something was offered. And if God didn’t love them from the onset, He wouldn’t have offered them or us or anybody else for that matter.
How do we know this? From the documented history and inspired revelation of the triune God-head in scriptures we can see that He loved us from the onset. The whole question of plucking rose petals to ascertain whether God loves us or not arose after we got deceived and fell (along with the world) out of balance since Eden.
The primary point you shouldn’t miss out is that God is still reaching out to us today. His eyes are still roaming to and fro the earth seeking for who would avail themselves to be used by Him in bringing healing to the world. He, like every loving adult, is reaching out to us children, seeking to raise us up to His level, and often, just like some kids, He is met with hostility and rejection.
So I ask, what would be your choice today?
Yours with a quill,
Daudu Daniel

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