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New Music Video: Joey the Jerk “Winning the War (feat. Playdough)” |@iamjoeythejerk @iamPLAYDOUGH @sohhpr

by Ifemidayo OdekunleSeptember 4, 2015

Joey the Jerk is back and with a new music video for his new single! This staple of the L.A. Symphony crew has started working on solo material again. Over the next few weeks, look for more singles, videos, and news on Joey’s upcoming release.

This song was actually the first song recorded for the album. Joey had Playdough in mind the whole time. It had such a fun, playful vibe to it, we thought Playdough was a perfect addition. CookBook’s production on this one is fun, yet stays true to the classic boom bap sound that Joey loves. On being a part of the song, Playdough had this to say, “Nobody likes to have fun more than me. That’s why me and Joey linked up for a song. To have a blast and hopefully make you smile.” We think it will make you smile, & make your neck hurt from nodding so much!

Watch: Joey the Jerk “Winning the War (feat. Playdough)”

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