Rawsrvnt releases a new single from his Game Changer album that released Friday, October 9th.

I believe creativity comes from the Creator,” Eddy “Rawsrvnt” Puyol said. “As a music enthusiast, my collection is thorough. But I’ve noticed there’s a scarcity of imaginative and artistic songs from Christians that are appropriately sexual and intended to enhance intimate moments with my wife.”

That’s where “Light Up the Night,” featuring Erica Cumbo, steps in.

Puyol said that not only is the fun, danceable track designed to be a love letter to his bride, but he also desires for it to stretch listeners’ ideas about how this type of content can be presented.

Instead of cheapening the value of an expression of love that was designed by God (like we hear in so many mainstream songs), I pray that people latch onto the way ‘Light Up the Night’ can glorify Him and stoke the fires of passion in their marriages.

Order Rawsrvnt’s Game Changer album on @iTunes today. http://bit.ly/rawsrvntGC

Stream: Rawsrvnt “Light Up the Night (feat. Erica Cumbo)”


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