Hello ladies,

Today I’m going to start a miniseries in which I will pick out key items most women have in their closet and then talk about how they can be worn. The first one I’m going to deal with today is pencil skirts.

Pencil skirts are lovely. A pencil skirt can really complement a woman’s body. They can make a woman look professional and classy. The working woman loves the pencil skirt but the trend is not restricted to her alone.

What do you wear with a pencil skirt?

The most common way to wear a pencil skirt would have to be wearing it with an office shirt. It is a safe option; a slim fitting office shirt should look nice tucked into a pencil skirt any day.

If you are looking to wear something different to that norm, you would be looking to wear a blouse.  A loose fitting blouse tucked into a well fitting pencil skirt should look amazing. I think I should clarify here that it is usually a very bad idea to go for blouses of jersey material when the pencil skirt you are wearing is made with suit material. The materials you would be looking out for are silk and chiffon among others.

Some women are not very much into blouses so they would be better off wearing a nice vest top with the pencil skirt and topping it off with a loose fitting waist coat and a slim belt. This look can be varied as you can swop the waist coat and belt for a well made blazer.

Whichever way you choose to wear it, pencil skirts can make you look good. So before you go shopping again, take a second look in your closet and ask yourself if you’ve exhausted all the looks you can get from wearing that pencil skirt.

Have a great day.


Morenike George – Taylor


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