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#1 Bible Chart Book Celebrates 10th Anniversary with New Edition

by Ifemidayo OdekunleFebruary 14, 2015

Rose Publishing, a leading Christian publishing company, is commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps & Time Lines Volume 1 with an updated 226-page edition that features new charts and maps.

The original Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps & Time Lines has been the #1 Bible chart book in Christian bookstores since it was first published in 2005. The new edition covers more than 200 Bible topics and reproducible Bible charts explaining popular Old and New Testament subjects, including the Tabernacle, Temple, Armor of God, Comparative Religions, Fruit of the Spirit, Names of God, and more.

“If I could give only two books to a new Christian, one would be the Bible and the other would be this book.” — Dr. Ed Hindson, President of World Prophetic Ministry

New and updated features include:

  • New Charts: Psalms 23, the Lord’s Prayer, the Twelve Tribes of Israel
  • Bonus 24″ foldout poster: The Genealogy of Jesus
  • Easier-to-Read “Then and Now® Bible” Maps

About Rose Publishing/Aspire Press
Rose Publishing is a publisher of easy-to-use Bible reference for personal use, church, small group, Bible study and Christian school use. For more information, please visit

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