The new book Road Trip Mixtapes: Vegas, Red Bull, and Faith on a Detour, from debut author J. Churchill Morris, is hitting bookstores this month. Published by WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson, the book is available in hardcover, paperback and eBook formats wherever books are sold.

The idea behind Road Trip Mixtapes started with one simple question: What would it look like to begin digging into the back stories of the people in the world around me? Observing human behavior, it seems that so often we see people through the lens of economic exchange. We measure the worth of a relationship much like a commodity and consider how much time to invest. With all this relational management, spontaneity is lost and more significantly, so is dignity. In this book, Morris takes us on a journey introducing us to real, beautiful, broken people.

Throughout the book, Morris gives a compassionate and understanding voice to difficult situations, using a self-aware sense of humor to illustrate some provocative points.

“These narrative essays are meant to raise questions and start conversations,” says Morris. “It is by no means a book of answers, simply thoughts, reflections and some anecdotes about life, faith and the detours along the way. Road Trip Mixtapes is about success and failure, grief, heartache and the questions we face on the journey.”

J. Churchill Morris is an Emmy Award-nominated songwriter and producer. Originally from Boston, MA, Morris now resides in Nashville, TN, where he works as a writer, speaker and visual artist. Morris is a partner at Journey Church in Franklin, TN, and serves on the experiential design team.

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