1. Det er veldig lett å dømme, men jeg forstår ikke hvorfor du fortsetter/fortsatte med å selge/bruke steroider.Det er ikke først gang at Robert Eilertsen blir tatt for doping. I 2009 godtok han et forelegg på 10 000 kroner etter å ha distribuert ampuller og hetteglass med anabole steroider i Trondheim. Han ble også tatt for oppbevaring av 100 ampuler og 800 gram anbole steroider og en teleskopbatong, skriver Dagens Næringsliv

    2. It’ll be interesting to see what DeMarco Murray is in his sophomore season in the NFL. While I think start, and I think he’ll play well, I don’t think we should be putting his name in permanent marker as the 2012 starter, even if the Cowboys have publicly acknowledged that Felix Jones is a “complimentary back.”  The Cowboys need to be careful not to overrate Murray.

    3. Phiii… mai bine de mine că nu am cîntar în casă! Eu È™tiu sigur că m-am îngrășat un kilogram cu ocazia iernii, îmi mai confirm din cînd în cînd pe cîntarul de la masaj sau de la bazin. Dar mă feresc să îmi aduc pocinogul în casă! Am avut unul, s-a stricat, amin!

    4. After writing an article about a local crock pot cook off, my curiosity got the better of me and I finally decided to give the whole slow cooker thing a shot. I busted out my mom's vintage Rival. It was a huge success, and now recipes like this are going on the list. Glad you took a day off to loaf – we could all use that, I am sure.

  1. I thing best dj of the year and up coming dj’s should b encourage also @least we need things like this even if we I don’t win but I can see my fellow winning and it’s a form of encouragement, most of all this songs it’s the dee jays the make people know about them even before gospolcentric and other sites and we need this forms of encouragement thanks

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