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John 5:24-30

I learnt:

– a basic guideline to being Christ-like (like I claim to be) is doing what pleases the Father. Jesus always made references to His Father and what He says, does, or would like to be done. So, as a child of GOD, I should seek to please my Father (GOD) with my actions. This shows/gives an idea of how GOD expects me to behave.

– Many times we ask how to hear from GOD. Jesus says how in v30: “by myself I can do nothing…I listen, then I decide…” (MSG) “…I hear then I judge…” (KJV). There’s never a time that there’s silence in our heads. Both GOD and the devil speak to us; ours is to judge which is from GOD. This is only possible when we know GOD’s will (reading and studying GOD’s Word, the Bible).

– being born again is as simple as believing in GOD the Father, that sent Jesus His Son v24, this grants the cross-over to eternal life. Any other god doesn’t not have the power to grant resurrection and eternal life.

– the same principles that apply to a father and his sons as regards their inheritance, applies to the Kingdom above. Only a son that is interested in learning the ropes of the business can be entrusted with the plans/secrets/benefits and ALL it takes to eventually own the business when the father is gone. Now to earn the full rights of an heir to the Kingdom above, I am made to ask myself “Where do my interests lie?”

What about you? 🙂

Have the most precious day.

GOD bless you.

Lots of Love:

Chiago+Chiwi Anago

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