Everything in this world will come to nothing on that day you take your last breath. What matters after then is if you have given your life to Jesus or not. For He alone is the way, the truth and the life. It is a big risk to think Christ is not what He claimed to be. After this life, there will be no time to rethink. He says you should come just as you are. He wants nothing from you, only believe and He shall call you His own, never to reject you, never to forsake you, never to leave you alone. Have you made your decision? It’s simple, all you have to do is to believe in your heart and confess with your mouth. You can use these words “Dear Jesus, I now believe your words. I believe that you came into this world to die for my sins. I believe you rose from the dead so that I might be justified. I now confess you as my personal Lord and Saviour. I ask that you come into my life, change me from within, make me a New Creation, make me a child of God. Thank you dear Saviour. I am now born again”. That settles it. You are now a child of the Most High God and no devil can change that. What remains is for you to build your faith by actively associating with the body of believers anywhere you are. You are deeply loved, greatly blessed and highly favoured by the Lord Jesus Christ.


Culled from Discova Magazine

By Osokoya Olumide


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