Deutronomy 8:1-5

“There’ll be challenges thrown at me to test me/prove my character/ refine me. GOD allows me to pass through them…pushes me to my limits, to break me, humble me…to make me stronger”.

The constant in all of these is to remember and to keep GOD’s commandments and trust that He’ll see me through. Knowing and remembering GOD’s commandments will help me during the storm to do the right thing, which is what He expects me to do. I’ve learnt to look at challenges in a different light: an opportunity to grow. So be encouraged. These challenges are more interesting than you think.

“Like Caribbean Pines, our souls usually don’t thrive during good times. Our hearts grow complacent, our need of GOD becomes less urgent, our hope of heaven dims, and our prayer life dries up…in a beautiful setting with our needs met and every resource at our fingertips…our souls shrivel…We need an occasional blast of storm or fiery trial if our faith is to mature.”Joni Eareckson Tada.”

What about you? 🙂

We wish you the most refining day.

GOD bless you.

Lots of love:

Chiago+Chiwi Anago

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