Consistency. This is a vital factor that should be present in various areas of our lives; relationships, habits, work ethic, etc. Although it is possible to be consistent in negative endeavours, consistency in positive endeavours is actually a beautiful and beneficial thing which, when observed in others, is easily appreciated. For example, I have a friend who is consistently “fresh”.  Not that I’m rough, mind you, but this particular friend always delivers in the appearance and aura department, which covers various factors including hygiene, good outfits, sharp haircuts, decorum, cleanliness and more. Ever since I met this friend of mine, he hasn’t let me down; you can always count on him to be “fresh”, such that it is almost a trademark. What this has impressed on me, though, is how his consistency in appearance makes him more respectable, admirable, shows how much he cares for himself and to an extent indicates reliability. Consistency can be practiced in many aspects of our lives- for example, always getting to work on time, or sticking to an exercise regimen.


I am well aware that we may all have our “off” days, but this should not serve as an excuse or dwelling point; we should all strive to be consistent in our ways. It is a journey that should be embarked upon with the aim of self improvement and pleasing God, and not to impress others. Collosians 3:23  says “whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters”. When we’re focused on ourselves and God, it will become a way of life. However, if the motive is to “look good” before other people, then it will only be short lived. Endeavor to be consistent in whatever you do and do it as if you’re doing it for God. The beautiful thing about consistency is it has its rewards… It is a common saying that “practice makes perfect”. So it goes without saying that being consistent will make you more efficient as you’ll learn ways to make things work better; you’ll be reliable and people can count on you in that regard; and it helps you achieve your goals- be it a promotion or a summer body.


Words by Rotimi Ariwoola

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