By Glory Onyema

You think your girlfriend wants to steal your man, NO, it’s your boobs! Yeah! Boobs, breast, apples, oranges, haters, bazoombas, chi-chis, the girls, boobies, pillows, melons, the twins, mounds, dignity etc. name it anything but its generally known as breast, feeds kings and queens, ordinary men and women around the world and will continue to do its job! It’s a well respected possession owned by women. Young girls get scared when at a certain age it doesn’t surface and when it begins to show at a tender age mothers become more protective of their little teenagers. It’s a beautiful possession, very attractive and doesn’t go unnoticed.  Men get their eyes stocked to it, which either makes them stupid, silly, lose their senses or become wiser, that is why I said it’s a very powerful possession.

Most times, when you are having a conversation with some men, you begin to wonder if you are actually having a conversation or they are negotiating with your boobs, it’s wrong. Abiola Adepoju in her book “I AM NOT MY BOOBS” says “I am a whole person with a mind, with a measure of intelligence; I have a voice that needs to be heard because I have something to contribute, yes acknowledge my womanhood but don’t ogle me like an object of your dark fantasies” in other words, ladies do not allow yourselves become a thing instead of a people, most women have lost their female pride and value to physical appearance just to get attention. In other to get and keep a man’s genuine attention, you need to give him something to work on, more like engaging his imagination, you don’t have to lay emphasis on your cleavage and announce the shape of your boobs/breast. Besides, inner beauty cannot shine through make-up or provocative cloths.

It’s very pathetic when women dress with the mindset that men love a little exposure, I’m sorry to say ‘you are so out of point’ when your breast sags or he sees a firmer pair of breast then you are doomed. Your breast is beautiful yes, but don’t ascribe self respect to your breast. You wonder why men jump from big breast to small breast, whether your breast is small or big- the fact is, it doesn’t make you different, it’s just a part of your body. Character, which includes your words, actions and decisions, is what makes you who you are. You will definitely get attention exposing your boobs but it’s for a while. You want to be sexy but you are tarty, you want an appropriate good guy but you are dressed inappropriate.

Let’s not forget that, women are like goods on display for men to choose the best brand they really need. Once they see a brand and discover the content, they either take to their heels and move to the next brand or stick around that brand. You need to brand yourself positively because you attract what you are. Women that get and keep men don’t allow themselves to become a pair of breasts for men’s manipulation. Don’t forget your wrong perception and under-developed character about your femininity brings you to a brink of insanity while trying to create a negative effect on you; leaving you as an object of ridicule.

Pull up your blouse a little and get some respect. You have more to offer than your boobs/breasts, it’s not just the appearance it’s about being a memorable lady who draws attention without exposure, and your packaging (physical appearance) should represent your content, and that’s what you carry on the inside. What make a desirable lady are not her boobs or her buttocks but her character and confidence. Remember you act and feel what you look, people judge you by your actions and physical appearance (the way you dress is the way you will be addressed). Being respectful to your body takes nothing from you rather it adds value to you. Most ladies that are on the exposure business line are mostly victims of low self esteem and their worth is placed on their physical appearance.


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