The phrase “it is not good for man to be alone” in Genesis 2 has been interpreted differently by many and has been the reason why certain people act the way they do. For some, it is a clear explanation of our strong sexual urge; others think it a reason why one should always be in a relationship and for many, once you fit the description of what the world defines as a man, then you can do what you want, when you like and how you like it. After all you are a ‘man’.
Biology teaches us that once your voice breaks and becomes deep, once you begin to produce sperm cells and grow beards, you are a man; at least a young man. Society accepts that once you have a job or generate income, you are a man.
Whatever our definition of who or what a man should be, all these point to the reason why a guy decides it’s time to be in a relationship or get married.
While many of the reasons might seem logical, it is important to know that it is quite different from what God had in mind when he was talking about the kind of man that should not be alone.

Firstly, this guy had a real relationship with God, the first relationship he had was with God and he was also submitted to God’s will and directives.

Secondly, understand that this man (Adam) God was talking about understood his reason for existence; he understood his purpose and assignment and he was working it out.

Thirdly, it was in going about his assignment that the need for a help meet came. He needed help to achieve greater feats. It was a help meet he needed; not just a sex meet. He needed an addition; a plus to make him fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth.

No doubt she was beautiful, very attractive and they were compatible. While these points are very essential to every man, a real man knows the difference between what he really needs and what he merely wants.
Based on man’s definition of a man, I dare say that, it is good that some ‘Men’ be alone. Why? Because they haven’t grasped the reason for a wife yet. Like they say, “When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable”.

This article was written Kunle Anwoju and he is the Director of Single 2 Married. Follow them on Twitter @skoolofmarriage

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