Since 2009, Yada Magazine has been Nigeria’s No. 1 faith based lifestyle magazine on the web, with the aim of providing up to date information and education to our readers which in turn will transform them from the inside out. YadaMag provides a blend of articles from entertainment to urban culture to fashion to politics and lots more.  We don’t stop there, we go as far as connecting our readers with people out there making a difference through music, fashion etc by conducting seasoned interviews and providing video footage when necessary.

Yada Magazine started as a bloggers journal and later evolved into a journal-zine and now it is a full edutainment/information website. It is a Hebrew word that means ‘to know’ and it is pronounced ‘yaw-da’. The guiding principle of Yada is that young people need to have knowledge at their fingertips and also a new mindset. This is what has guided every article in our magazine till date and still guides every article on the website. We also aim at promoting young talents and creative minds.

Yada also believes in the teachings found in the Holy Bible. Therefore, a number of our content is Christian in nature. In the words of C. S. Lewis We believe in Christianity as we believe that the sun has risen: not only because we see it, but because by it we see everything else”.

Ultimately, we are REAL people, which is why whether you are a student in an institution or a student in the school of life, our practical and candidly written articles will remain relatable and relevant to your reality.

Yada… You need to know


  1. Na wa o, u guys have been around since 2009, n im just knowing in 2012, where i dey since naaa?!? Na wa o, kudos to u guys n ur team, ur working is amazing n a real blessing. May ur light continue to shine! Cheers!

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