The importance of the beginning to any story cannot be overemphasized.

The core of its general acceptance is the ability to lock one in and keep one interested.

Life is like a book, they say, and every day is a new story.

Which makes us all writers of some sort, because we are all individually responsible for writing our stories.

It is therefore, important to start right.

A certain someone once taught me to “begin as I mean to finish.”

That lesson is etched in my brain, it always makes an appearance when I am about to start something new.

It is purely coincidence and less cliché that I am sharing these thoughts at the start of a new year.

Truth is, the circumstance surrounding the inspiration is in a bid to reconcile a puzzling experience I most recently had.

I had a day, which could for most part of it be referred to as a good day, end in an inexplicable foul mood and almost sleeplessness as a result of the grump. The puzzle is, at what point in the seemingly beautiful day, fantastic beginning and all, head south?

I couldn’t for the life of me, explain it.

The lesson I drew from this rather excruciating experience is that “Beginnings are important, but the endings are even more significant.”

Its not enough to relax because you have headed off on a good start. There is need for constant work to keep up with the positive buzz.

Take relationships for example, the beginning. Every time I listen to Flavour’s Wiser (feat. M.I and Phyno), I smile at the significance of his verse on the song. Personally, in new relationships, I cant wait to get over the awkward new beginnings ,popularly known as the Honeymoon phase. I am eager to see how we survive past these. But more importantly, I try to begin as I mean to end. My capabilities in the pretend department are quite poor, so I have little use for it.this exposes me as I really am, and I avoid the “gosh! YOU have changed.” I am one of those people that get hit with that “ah!you have not changed at all” line. (I do realise that it is double entendre, but I am dwelling on the positive vibes please! *adjusts halo)

So now I am giving in to the pressure to relate this with the New Year 🙂

We are almost two weeks into the new year, and we are probably feeling mighty proud of all the resolutions we have been able to keep up with thus far. Kudos! but you do realise that it takes about 21 days to form a habit,abi? So lets talk again when you are at least a month in. and that in itself is not even guarantee that your “beautiful beginning” has come to stay.

Long story short, work everyday on keeping up with or even surpassing your beautiful beginnings. Beautiful endings are a more interesting story to share

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