What is ignorance? Is it the lack of knowledge or the choice we’ve made to not know?
Isn’t there knowledge out there?
Who has sought the Truth and found Him not?
Hasn’t the Lord God said seek and you shall find? Or are you afraid of what the light would reveal?
Do you think you can ask your Father in heaven for meat and He’ll give you a serpent?
But no, we have chosen to be ignorant and unwise.
We have refused to give our ears to wisdom and chose to close them even after our deafness has been healed.
We have closed our eyes and turned our backs even after we’ve had our blind eyes opened and lame legs restored.
After our saviour Jesus gave Himself to wash us clean, we ran from His sponge and jumped in the mud.
We have said in our hearts that we have nothing to do with the Lord almighty.
The temple’s curtains were torn, yet we went and built doors to barricade the entrance.
We chose to listen to the Liar rather than hear the Truth.

Isn’t that how we have come to believe that the preacher who saw an angel is occultic? And the demon who oppressed us at night is more real? Why do we readily accept that demons can attack us but angels can’t minister to us? Have you forgotten so soon that the host that fell were only one-third? There are more who are for us than against us, 2:1 even!
Oh my dear christian, surely you must have read how Daniel had angelic visitations. No? How about the three youths who saw the fourth man in the furnace? Did you not learn that Elijah, a man of like passions called down fire from heaven and held back the rain? Wasn’t it the shadow of a fisherman that made cripples leap and run? Then how have you come to believe that God’s supernatural intervention is diabolical? Do you now see how the father of lies is robbing you of your faith?
How else have we remained bound? Isn’t it because though we have been set free, yet we clamped the fetters back on our hands and feet and refused to soar.
We have made the dungeon our comfort zone and the palace a place to be mocked.
Throwing accusing fingers at he who has made way to the palace and stumbled a few times without acknowledging how wretched our situation has become.

O’ critic, why have you taken it upon yourself to discipline he who has erred? Did you call him into the clergy? When did he become your labourer? Have you lost all fear of the Living God? Did you not learn that David couldn’t strike down Saul? And how he smote the chap who slayed the king? Why have you decided to bring upon yourself calamity by attacking the Lord’s anointed?
If you’ve seen one err, is it not to call him aside and caution him discreetly? How else can you save one from destruction if not by showing him love? For love covers a multitude of sins.
O’ ignorant man that I am, haven’t you heard that the Lord God He is our lawgiver?
Have you not seen that the Lord God He is King?
Have you not known that the Lord God He will save us?
Yet you have chosen to give ear to the deceptive lies of this age’s philosophers, poets, musicians and teachers, that you should follow your heart.
That wretched soul. Or you have forgotten how desperately wicked it is?
All it desires are pleasures that this world cannot satisfy. Drink the whole bottle yet you feel empty. Holding firmly to possessions yet you’re bankrupt. Listening daily to informed lies yet you lack wisdom. Desiring earnestly to be king of the castle and not realising that the wave washes the sand blocks away. Even the rubbles it has taken back to sea. Now you’re worse off than you ever started.
We chose to stick to our ways and so the Lord gave us up to our desires.

But ‘Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.’
Hear me O’ saints, ‘Come, and let us return unto the LORD: for he hath torn, and he will heal us; he hath smitten, and he will bind us up.’

As one sage has said, ‘if I find in myself desires that this world cannot satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.’

When you know the Truth, He sets you free. But sometimes the fetters have been on our wrists for so long that when taken off, it hurts first before we feel the breeze.

Yours with a quill
Daudu Daniel

Image from: http://thinkingmomsrevolution.com/

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