Infinity to eternity, profanity to insanity, and from vanity to vanity
Reality is brutality, immorality almost universality transferred from century to century

Savagery to amory, Auxiliary to adversary, the military making the earth slippery
From mercury to slavery, slavery to bakery, bread made of poverty eaten covertly
Debauchery, adultery and infantry confusing the missionary looking far like a visionary
Right now, my mind is on my mic, in my psych I am on wheels like a bike

From here to there and from there back to here, going round we hear
Progress is near while tears remain clear, lives writing novels and shovels digging around the nobles

Rebels using armed vocals setting the locals on fire like smokers
Transition from vision to illusion to imagination, using intuition to envision and position the situation

The nations making tuition not a notion but a diction of fiction aimed at dis-unification
Reunification calls for ramification making minds hike on hallucination with fear of overpopulation
Pollution is collision from the ocean to even the lotion, leading to medical revolution
A friend told me that there is a lie in believe, over in lovers, end in friend, us in trust and if in life
No matter where or what, there are and will always be makers and breakers, fakers and takers, lovers and haters

Moody is not folly, just being unready for the party
I need a little incentive to carry the current to the continents
from Atlanta to Casablanca,Tripoli to Napoli, and from Beijing to Berlin
Exhibiting a lot of grammatical intimidation, intellectual swagger and high analytical wavelength
Making things come true just like a pilot should.

People it is not a bye but
My humble me is missing my homely sea
Bees making honey not cease, at ease
with lovers in the feast, with haters in the garden doing freeze

For now, baby do not wow, cause actually them are all like musical cows, eating after the lyrical plough
Like a tractor of factors, I am digging all the contours to make it to the elevating anchor

Stayed away from home as a baby without a lullaby,
Mama called on a daily to make sure I have the homily
I remained positive not doing things negative
I stood tall even when all around me are doing fall
In the fall I saved all just to get a decent winter fur
Kept my eyes up to the sky asking God to let His light shine

Gradually I drew close to this day,
When roughness begins to slowly stay away
Emotions flowed up and down like a river from north to south
I concealed pains with the same smiles that took me many miles.

Some try to judge, others try to hate, some betrayed, but even more showed love
All the same I wish everyone love from above giving peace like a dove
Always do your best cause in any case some people will never be at rest
Be put to test but be sure to stand the test of time

I do my rhymes, in style and not in wine
Like a lunatic my mood got affected by the moon
But the result of the fluctuations are flows that have no punctuations
One love to all my peep who showed love while I was in pain
Your love is never in vain.

Monsieur Siks…..


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