“Gats” is a “razz” word that I have been using lately; it basically means “have to” and it’s enjoyable to use since I like being “razz”. Anyway I recently watched a documentary that was based on Beyoncé’s new album, and I was highly inspired by the hard work she puts into her endeavours. Being a hard worker and efficient is very important to me in life, which is why I can say that instead of placing importance on the clothes or dance steps, I placed importance and my attention on her determination and hard work.

There are many things she said and did in order to make sure her work was more or less perfect. I remember her saying something along the lines “if I don’t think it’s (dance routine) good enough, nobody (her dancers and choreographers) is going to stop”, and other similar things that are too many to mention.

I think a large proportion of Beyoncé’s success has to do with the hard work she puts into what she does besides her obvious talent. And you know as the Bible says, hard work pays off, and there is no food for the lazy man; Christian or no Christian. The Bible also says that EVERYTHING we do, we should do as if we are doing it for God. So today and tomorrow, and every day, make sure you put effort in everything you’re doing not only for the fruit but because God requires this.




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