Writeway-Music are pleased to announce the official single release of ‘Rodeo,’ the debut single from Leké Akinyemi now available for purchase on iTunes and www.writeway-music.com.

‘Rodeo’ was produced by up and coming producer Stewart ‘S.J’ Reid with vocal arrangements coming from Luke ‘GKID’ Grant (Brian Temba, Guvna B, Jahaziel, Ekklesia) seeing them team up with Lekè to make a soulful masterpiece with a deep, inspirational message.

“I was introduced to S.J Reid through GKiD (who also vocal arranged ‘Closer’ & ‘Air I Breathe’) and I heard some of his productions; but when I heard the composition for (what would become) ‘Rodeo,’ it resonated with me and immediately, a melody came to me,” says Lekè.

“‘Rodeo’ portrays my response to the Christian faith as well as the ups and downs of life. Just like a real life rodeo; life can throw us around and sometimes make us feel like we’ve hit the ground, but in this song I’m saying that I won’t give up and that I’ll persevere.”

Leké is passionate about using ‘Rodeo’ as a song to inspire hope within the lives of all who hear it.

‘Rodeo’ see’s Lekè exchange his smooth, lush vocals for rapping which has taken many of his fans by surprise.

“My close friends know that I rap, so they knew that it was just a matter of time before I started rapping on my songs. Some supporters are quite shocked that I rapped on ‘Rodeo’ but the interesting fact is that I started rapping before I started singing at the early age of 7 years old, accompanying my big sister as she sang.

“I would definitely love to rap some more,” says Lekè “but I see a greater demand for my singing. Don’t be surprised if you hear a few 16 bar verses from me from time-to-time though.”

In support of the ‘Rodeo’ single, Lekè released the accompanying music video on 13th March 2012. Since it’s release the ‘Rodeo’ music video has received in excess of 1000 plays a day culminating in over 7000 plays in 6 days.

While ‘Rodeo’ serves as Leké’s debut single and video as a solo artist, he is no stranger to the music industry, featuring in songs and videos with Writeway-Music stable mates Tunday, Presha J and Rhema (The ‘One Way’ LP andmusic video ‘Alienated’). Lekè has also featured on songs with Guvna B, Victizzle and more recently Faith Child on the UK smash hit single and music video ‘Picture Perfect’.

‘Rodeo’ is taken from Leké’s long-awaited EP titled ‘One Eye Open’ (due for release later this year) which will explore the thoughts and perspectives of Atheists, Agnostic’s and Christian’s and will also feature the fan favourite‘Closer’.

Leké can currently be found on Writeway-Music’s ‘One Way’ film tour in the UK promoting the film with screenings and live performances, already premiering the film in London (to a sold out audience), Birmingham and Manchester with further screenings set for Nottingham and other cities where there is popular demand.


Get the song on iTunes here

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