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When Aliens Visit: A Review of IBK Spaceshipboi’s Lovers Dance

by Peter AkinnusiAugust 13, 2015

Let us examine a narrative together; an alien comes to earth and realizes he may have fallen for a human. He is not sure exactly how to express his otherworldly feelings but is given a break when he hears that humans like to dance.

He goes about picking the sonic arrangement to woo and keep his newly found heartbeat. The rest is history.

That is perhaps the best way to describe the Spaceship Boi single “Lovers Dance.” Beautifully uncluttered, the alternative flavor is sprinkled with catchy lyrics that express IBK’s signature creativity alongside an assist from a sonorous ladybug (who we can assume is the alien’s love interest). If you are a fan of the Mi Casa sound this single will send you into ruptures, and if you are not you are set to fall into an alien trap you won’t recover from.

Overall this is a brilliantly organic sound that is so pleasing you won’t feel guilty for “vibing illegally.” In the event you have not heard of the SpaceShip Boi this is as good a place to start as elsewhere. Peep “Lovers Dance” here as you thirst for more alien sounds.

Peter Akinnusi
Peter Akinnusi is an engineer turned writer who loves to share and talk about his faith in God while retaining strong interests in sports, music (hip hop especially) and pop culture at large. He's known to champion the cause of caffeine consumption as well as despair over the fortunes of Manchester United. He has written for Imbue Magazine, and and could be found tweeting at @ngbede

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